What is an Ambigram?

Rotational Ambigrams are impossible works of lettering art
that are drawn so the lettering is legible when right
side-up AND upside-down. Ambigram designs that read
THE SAME THING both right side-up and upside-down are
often referred to as Symmetrical Ambigrams. Ambigram
designs that read SOMETHING DIFFERENT when viewed
upside down are called Asymmetrical Ambigrams. Ambigrams
are typically made from words, names, or phrases, and can also come in different shapes, styles, and fonts.

Who would I know that has an Ambigram tattoo?

You probably already know someone (possibly a friend or even a member of your family) who has an Ambigram tattoo! Over the last five years, Ambigrams have become one of the most popular styles of tattoo lettering. Many tattoo shops all over the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and many other parts of the world are already carrying Ambigram tattoo flash and/or books by world-famous Ambigram artist Mark Palmer of Wow Tattoos. Some notable people who proudly display their Ambigram tattoos are: Toryn Green, the lead singer of Fuel (angel/devil and saint/sinner on his exterior forearms); LeVar Burton of Star Trek and Reading Rainbow (LeVar/Kunta on his upper right arm); Eva Longoria of the hit T.V. show Desperate Housewives (nine on her left shoulder); rapper Method Man (life/death on his forearm), and Bryan Hopkins, lead singer of the rock band Paperback Hero (breathe/music on his left exterior forearm, Rock N’ Roll on his right interior forearm, and a karma circle Ambigram on his left upper arm.) Because of the dualistic nature and “wow” factor of Ambigram tattoos, it seems as though they have found a great home among rockstars, actors, and artists alike.

Is there a limit to how many letters can be in an Ambigram?

There is really no limit to the number of letters that can be in an Ambigram word or phrase. In fact, there are some very long phrases such as "Only God Can Judge Me," “What Doesn’t Kill Me Makes Me Stronger,” and “Broken Wings Heal in Time” that make great Ambigrams despite how long they are. However, best looking Ambigrams are usually between four and nine letters long.

Can any word be made into an Ambigram?

There are lots of words and names that can be made into SYMMETRICAL Ambigrams that read the same thing when right side-up and upside-down. However, some letters to try and avoid when attempting to make symmetrical Ambigrams are: Q, U, W, V, and Z. These letters are notoriously difficult to twist into rotational Ambigrams. When attempting ASYMMETRICAL Ambigrams that say something different upside-down, it’s best to choose two words/names/phrases that are similar in length when it comes to the number of letters. You should also try avoiding the same letters (Q, U,W, V, and Z) that don't make good symmetrical Ambigrams.

Is there anywhere to buy high quality, pre-drawn Ambigrams?

If you’re looking for an Ambigram design for a tattoo, the best site to visit is www.WowTattoos.com. Their site is totally dedicated to Ambigram tattoos and they feature over 2,500 Ambigram designs hand-drawn by Ambigram artist Mark Palmer.

I’d like to contact someone about having a custom Ambigram drawn just for me. How would I do that?

Mark Palmer is the leading Ambigram tattoo artist in the world, and he promotes on his website that he is available to draw custom Ambigram designs for anyone interested in getting one. His website is located at www.WowTattoos.com. It's super important that your Ambigram is drawn by an experienced Ambigram artist like Mark who has drawn thousands of Ambigrams for many, many satisfied customers. An Ambigram artist like Mark will ensure that you are happy with your custom Ambigram so you won’t think twice about getting it tattooed. His website also has a photo gallery of hundreds of pictures of people who have Ambigram tattoos if you’d like to search for some inspiration when it comes to placement of your Ambigram tattoo.

Are there any good automated Ambigram generators out there?

Wow Tattoos.com offers the world’s most advanced and sophisticated Ambigram generator on their website. The generator allows you to experiment with word/name pairings until you find the Ambigram tattoo design that’s perfect for YOU! Each custom generated Ambigram design comes with a filled-in version and a line-art stencil that you can easily print out and take to your favorite tattoo artist. The line-art stencil is EXTREMELY important if you want to make sure you get a great tattoo, and not something you regret. The artwork in the Ambigram generator at WowTattoos.com was drawn by world-class Ambigram artist Mark Palmer, and the software and programming was written by Mark Hunter. While the generator does a good job of creating many Ambigrams, it's not perfect and sometimes cannot come up with a solution to your custom Ambigram suggestion. Fortunately, that's where the human component of Mark Palmer being available to draw custom, hand-drawn Ambigram designs with a wait-time of just a few days is such a great option. In fact, it’s rumored that most of Palmer’s days are spent hand-drawing custom Ambigrams that he sends via e-mail to satisfied clients all over the world.

How long have Ambigram tattoos been around?

Ambigram tattoos have been steadily gaining popularity since Mark Palmer began drawing Ambigram artwork for tattoo shops back in 2004. Since then, Palmer has continued to refine his skills and draw Ambigram tattoo designs that are inked by talented tattoo artists on super-stoked clients every day all over the world. With hundreds of people getting Ambigram tattoos each day, it‘s almost a certainty that Mark Palmer is the most tattooed Ambigram artist on the planet. It’s even rumored that Palmer may be the most tattooed artist, which means there are more people walking around with tattoos of his Ambigrams than any other artist doing any other type of artwork.

I have more questions about Ambigram tattoos…who can I talk to?

If you have any further questions or comments about Ambigrams or Ambigram tattoos, the dedicated staff over at WowTattoos.com would love to hear from you! Questions about custom Ambigrams are always reviewed and answered personally by Mark Palmer.

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